Mayan Moonstone Surgical Steel Earrings

These divinely inspired crystal earrings help harness the moon's transitional energies. Allow 5-7 days for delivery. ---Moonstone Crystal and Copper Wrap on Surgical Steel Earring Hooks---



Clear Quarz Copper (Silver Treated) Ring

This divinely inspired double point crystal ring helps you commit to your goals and keep focus on your intentions. Allow 7-21 days delivery. ---Clear Quartz Crystal and Copper Metal handwrapped.---



Amethyst Cluster Point Necklace

This divinely inspired copper hand wrapped crystal pendant helps you maintain calm in every situation. Amethyst encourages energy flow in the Heart and Third Eye Chakra especially, and through out the entire body system as well. Allow 7-21 days delivery. ---Silver plated 18 inch chain included.---


Custom Crystal Selection

Sunstone Crystal Reiki Selection

Sunstone inspires Father Related Perception Improvement đŸ”¸Sunstone is in essence the Sun in crystal form. đŸ”¸Carrying Sunstone around encourages you to release father abuse and abandonment related issues. đŸ”¸Sunstone cultivates the strength to forgive.